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Making the future possible
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Vademecum: Reagents / Consumables and Accessories      COMPLETE VADEMECUM IN PDF (download)

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Product SizeCodeMSDSPDF
 Febrile Antigens
 collapse Febrile Antigens
Antígenos Febriles Brucella1 x 5 mL1503151Pdf
Antígenos Febriles Controles 2 x 2 mL1933151Pdf
Antígenos Febriles Salmonella4 x 5 mL1863151Pdf
 Rheumatoid factor
 collapse Rheumatoid factor
Artritest directo50 tests1103152Pdf
Artritest directo maxi150 tests1103153Pdf
 collapse ASO
ASO látex50 tests1073151Pdf
ASO látex directo maxi150 tests1073152Pdf
 collapse Chagas
Chagatest HAI96 tests x 5 titers ou 480 tests x 1 titer1293205Pdf
Chagatest HAI screening A-V480 tests1293204Pdf
 collapse PCR
PCR-látex directo50 tests1683152Pdf
PCR-látex directo maxi150 tests1683155Pdf
 Infectous Mononucleosis
 collapse Infectous Mononucleosis
Monoslide100 tests1593151Pdf
 collapse Syphilis
V.D.R.L. test250 tests (1 x 5,5 mL + positive control)1853152Pdf
V.D.R.L. test300 tests (1 x 6,6 mL + controls)1853153Pdf
V.D.R.L. test200 determinaciones (1 x 4,5 ml + controles) 1853155Pdf
V.D.R.L. test250 tests (1 x 5,5 mL)1853151Pdf
V.D.R.L. test200 determinaciones (1 x 4,5 ml + controles) (Costa Rica)1853155Pdf
 collapse RPR
RPR slide test250 tests1853154Pdf
 collapse Toxo
Toxotest HAI80 tests1743201Pdf
Toxotest látex100 tests1743151Pdf
 collapse Pregnancy
Fecuntest directo50 tests1323152Pdf
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