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Making the future possible
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Counter 29
Counter 29

5-part differential auto hematology analyzer. Simplicity and efficiency

​Main features​

  • Measurement principle: Flow Cytometry (FCM) + Tri-angle laser scatter + Chemical dye method for WBC 5-part deferential analysis and WBC counting. Impedance method for WBC/BAS, RBC and PLT counting Cyanide free reagent for hemoglobin test
  • 25 parameters: WBC, LYM (#,%), MON (#,%), NEU (#,%), BAS(#,%), EOS (#,%), RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC
  • 24 research parameters: LIC (% #), ALY (% #), PLT Clumps (# %), Lip (# %), NRBC (# %), Blast (# %), PDW-SD, NLR, PLR, Neu-X, Neu-Y, Neu-Z, Lym-X, Lym-Y, Lym-Z, Mon-X, Mon-Y, Mon-Z​
  • Only 15 μL sample volume for Whole blood mode and Capillary whole blood
  • Storages up to 250.000 results including numeric and graphical information
  • Thermal printer. External printer optional
  • Sample barcode reader
  • 10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen
  • Compact design: 32cm width
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Software and operation manual on its language
  • 1 minute to obtain 5-part blood count report

Main advantages


  • Similar dimensions to a 3-part analyzer: 410 mm (height) x 320 mm (width) x 400 (depth)
  • Lysant internal storage
  • 10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen, no external PC required


  • Micro aspiration volumes: 15 μL for Whole Blood mode and 20 μfor Prediluted mode
  • Intelligent flagging
  • Convenient and powerful software design. Friendly interface, ideal for small sized labs
  • High connectivity: 4 USB ports allows to connect Counter 29 with a keyboard, mouse, printer, barcode reader. LAN port for data transmission to a LIS bi-directional. HL7 communication protocol  
  • Includes external thermal printer and PCL6 printer connection optional
  • Complete report customization


  • Three angle laser scatter + focused flow + chemical dye, created the possibility for better 5-part differentiation even on samples with high eosinophilia
  • Dedicate channel and optical method for basophil measurement, have a better performance on basophil counting than traditional impedance method
  • Digital Sheath Flow (DSF): patented technology that allows the status of each cell to be monitored as it passes through the opening. This accuracy in measurement cell volume standardizes histogram shape
  • Smaller aperture size, 50um instead of 80um, increases pulse detection sensitivity, with better performance on samples with low PLT  ​


  • Low reagent consumption, and only uses 2 lyses
  • Does not require an external PC, it has a 10.4 inch TFT touch screen
  • Includes an external thermal printer


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